Break Room

Trying to work but your mind wants to play?

This page was created for those times when we are trying to write and our minds say, “this is too hard; too easy; I’m bored, let’s do something else, etc. etc.”

As writers, we know this is the signal to switch gears and distract ourselves for just a little while and then come back to the work before we stray too far away.

When we need to take a little break and do something “fiddly” as my mother would call it, but there’s no time to make it an all day event – we can hang out here in the BREAK ROOM – have a little fun – order some lunch – do a little shopping – or just take a breather . . . then . . . get back to work! I’ll add more to the page as I find things of interest.

I hope you enjoy it:


A Writer’s Worst Nightmare: Lots of Words that Say Nothing!

Here’s a Hilarious Example – ENJOY! 




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