Trying to work but your mind wants to play?

This page was created for those times when we are trying to write and our minds say, “this is too hard; too easy; I’m bored, let’s do something else, etc. etc.”

As writers, we know this is the signal to switch gears and distract ourselves for just a little while and then come back to the work before we stray too far away.

When we need to take a little break and do something “fiddly” as my mother would call it, but there’s no time to make it an all day event – we can hang out here in the BREAK ROOM – have a little fun – order some lunch – do a little shopping – or just take a breather . . . then . . . get back to work! I’ll add more to the page as I find things of interest.

I hope you enjoy it:


A Writer’s Worst Nightmare: Lots of Words that Say Nothing!

Here’s a Hilarious Example – ENJOY! 




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