Judy has written over 100 songs and jingles and almost as many poems. When asked where she gets her inspiration for them all, she says, “It varies. That’s something you can’t always put your finger on. If you do, it often disappears as quickly as it came; and sometimes you never get it back. It’s best not to try, really.”

On the subject of poetry & song writing, Judy says, “Being a writer can sometimes be torturous; while at other times, it can be very rewarding, from an emotional standpoint, and in other ways. When you get to see your work being used for its intended purpose, it’s like watching a baby being born. 

What I try to do is understand the unique perspective of the client toward the subject matter and then deliver a finished work that both suits their need and, hopefully, exceeds their expectations.  Whether it’s a jingle for a product promotion or a poem or song for their sweetheart, it is very rewarding to see a smile on the face of a satisfied client.

I have to say, I never tire of hearing that familiar phrase from others; which, in one form or another, usually sounds something like, ‘Hmm, I never thought of it like that before’.”


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