Judy’s writing journey began at the ripe old age of 8 when her very first poem was published in the regional publication of the American Library Association.

Her mother was the town librarian and Judy spent many wondrous hours hanging out among the books after school.  It was there she found her true love . . . words.

Her inborn gift for writing began to blossom and was fueled by her love of reading. Her parents were writers, as well as her grandfather and great grandfather. The little poem she had published was entitled, ‘My Dog’ and vividly described in rhyme, the relationship between young Judy and her dog. However, when asked the name of her dog by the paper’s editor, she reluctantly admitted, “Well . . . I don’t actually have a REAL dog,” and thus began her imaginative journey with pen and paper.

Judy holds a Double Master’s Degree; in Education and Office Administration.  She has been writing for over 40 years (professionally, for over 20) and has developed expertise in several areas:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Article and content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Song writing
  • Poetry

She can compose a poem, rhyme, or jingle on nearly any topic, often within minutes, and has a good working knowledge of legal, educational, religious and medical terminology.   She has ghostwritten a wide variety of things, such as newspaper and magazine articles, website copy, workshops, manuals, books, and eBooks.

Producing quality work on demand and on deadline has, for many years, made her the “go-to gal” among peers and co-workers for anything word-related.  Whether it’s spelling, definitions, synonyms, or just brainstorming the best way to say something, she truly enjoys writing and usually manages to craft a solution for whatever challenge is presented.  This ability is what earned her the nickname, “The Witty Wordsmith.”



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