As your ghostwriter, I take your creative ideas and turn them into the book or project you would have written if you had the time, skill, and inclination to do so.

A ghostwriter writes your book or project but you put your name on it and get the credit; not a bad deal right?  Of course, it is a paid service, so it’s not a bad deal for the ghostwriter either.  It’s actually a win/win.

The often quoted saying goes, ‘Solomon built the temple,’ when actually, Solomon did not do the physical labor of building it; but the laborers actually did the laying of the beams, bricks, etc. It was accredited to Solomon because it was his project.  Similarly, it’s your creative ideas, your story, your dream; I’m just the brick-layer.  In other words, it’s a team effort.  Your part was when you had the idea and decided it was worthy of development.  My part is to pick up where you left off and see that it gets done.  I work closely with you to make sure it says what you want it to say, but in a way that hopefully exceeds your expectations in its ability to motivate, inspire, entertain, or whatever the goal is for your readers.”


Writer, ghostwriter, and editor on various types of projects ranging from academic to fictional in both the secular and Christian sectors.

I have a good understanding of appropriate terminology for various industries, as well as various audiences and age levels.

I have extensive experience in the following areas:


  • Proofing & editing a completed work
  • Adding content to incomplete projects
  • Writing your entire book from vision to value


Articles, Workshops, Manuals, College Catalogs, Elementary Course Curricula, College Course Curricula, Books & eBooks on a wide variety of topics including: Legal, Medical, Children’s Books, Fiction & Non-Fiction



Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, Prose, Poems, Songs, Jingles

INSPIRATIONAL Writing – Songs, Poems, Devotionals, Inspirational Stories (“Chicken Soup-Type” Stories)

ACADEMIC Writing – Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Levels

LAYOUT & DESIGN of Manuals, Workshop & Course Syllabi, eBooks, Promotional Materials

If you have a deadline to meet, I am usually well equipped to accommodate it.
I have learned by experience not to take on projects with unrealistic time frames – HOWEVER – emergencies do occur in this business. When that happens I am always willing to jump in and help.

Whether you need assistance with brainstorming creative ideas and story lines, or you need a ghostwriter who can say what you would have said if you had the time, I can make your project a reality at a reasonable price.

  • Articles:

— Magazines, Newspapers, Websites, and Corporate Newsletters

— Proofing & editing a completed work
— Adding content to incomplete projects
— Writing your entire book from vision to value

  • Manuals:

— Training Manuals, Policy Manuals, Course Curriculum, Workshops

  • Content Writing:

— Websites, Blogs, Business Writing, Technical Writing


Here are a few comments from some of Judy’s satisfied clients:

  • “I must say, I was inspired by your writing . . .”
  • “Excellent writer and great to work with. . .”
  • “Judy is a dream to work with and provided amazing content on time and without error! Incredible to work with and will be hiring her again soon, AAA job!”


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