This is the yucky part of my job, or shall we say the, “least favorite” part:  talking about money.  If I had my way I’d do it for free; it’s what I love to do and I fall in love with every project.  It’s what I was born to do, and I do it well; at least that’s what they tell me.

But . . . someone has to pay the light bill – so, I do find myself having to think about what my time is worth, how much I can get done in a day, the value of my services and things like that.  The truth is, it’s possible that you might find a lower price with another writer; but as we all know – cheaper is not always better – ESPECIALLY when it comes to choosing the right words to convey the message you want to send.

For instance, if you are an American and you have a great story to tell that involves a rags to riches story or the Great American Dream, for example, you may want someone who understands this concept.  You may be able to outsource it to someone from another country and get the word count you’re looking for at a lower price; but often the semantic differences between cultures is not worth the frustration and time it takes to iron it all out.

Ghostwriters are unusual creatures; some say it’s the writer part in us and others say it’s the ghost part.  By that I mean, not everyone has the ability to “get inside someone’s head” and figure out what it is they actually want to say, when sometimes they themselves don’t even know.

This is where the “ghost” part comes in.  A good ghostwriter is able to get the author’s thoughts on the subject, arrange them in a cohesive order, and communicate them on paper in your “voice” to say whatever it is that YOU wanted to say in the first place so that your readers know that the book is truly coming from you.

Though most would say you can’t even put a price on that, somehow I don’t think I’m going to get paid unless I do.  So let me just say, that although it is nearly impossible to construct an A La Carte price list, my fees for ghostwriting your book might be anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, depending on the size of the book you want, the subject matter, the research needed, and the time involved.  E-books are a completely different animal.  They are usually much smaller in size and take much less time.  Just shoot me a quick email and I’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours, and together we’ll figure out what your project will take to complete.

I don’t charge by the hour on book writing.  I find it’s better for both of us to know up front what we are looking at.  So I quote you a flat fee, payable in increments throughout the life of the contract and then work my tail end off to get it done as quickly as possible; a) so that you get your book sooner, and b) so that I get paid sooner.  It seems to be what works best all around.

So drop me a line or Give me a call to talk about your book idea and see if we can work well together.  If we can, the next step is getting started; if we can’t for whatever reason, I’ll be glad to recommend someone else for you.

Pricing for other things I can write for you are similar in nature as far as estimates go, depending on your needs and the depth of the project.  It’s difficult to give a blanket quote without knowing the particulars; but my prices are very competitive with the market and I always appreciate opportunities to quote you a price.


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