On Memorial Day

This message was received from a U.S. Army Veteran on Memorial Day.  It holds the very essence of a patriot’s heart.  Its message is pungent and pure, clear and concise, and very much appreciated.  It is a quote every American should read.

“For most, this is just a day off work; a day for BBQs, the pool, and getting together with friends and family. But for me this is a day of remembering. For me this is a day to remember the soldier who drowned upside down in the mud when his truck was hit by an IED and flipped. For me this is a day to remember the soldier who was hit in the neck by a sniper and bled out on me while I tried to plug his wound while returning fire. For me this is a day to remember the soldier who we had to collect in a poncho after he had stepped on a mine; just to name a few. Yes we should get together with friends and family and enjoy BBQs and the pool and whatever – but we should take a moment while doing so to remember the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy those things.”

Well said Soldier, THANK YOU for your service.


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