Hackers: The Bane of The Internet

For some reason, there have been multiple attempts (I’m talking in the hundreds now) to hack into this website. I’m not sure why, but I wanted to let all of you know because if you come to my website one day and it’s been turned into a Russian porn site or some other nefarious creation, you’ll know why.

If that WERE to happen, PLEASE contact me immediately.

Does anyone know the fix for this?  I’ve read some of the WordPress forums looking for answers but after an hour of reading with no solutions it turns into a snooze-fest and I just have to vacate the premises.

I’ve taken security measures on my end as much as possible and am in the process of compiling a list of the IP addresses from which these attempts are being made in hopes of shutting them down. I am considering publishing the list here and other places so people can be aware of them, though I’m not sure that would benefit anyone, other than serving as a way to vent my frustration.

Pros and cons of publishing their IP address?  Please click “Leave a Comment” below to advise.

Does anyone have a suggestion for shutting these guys down? It started out with a few suspect subscribers who would make nonsensical comments to some of my posts which had nothing to do with the subject of the post and were sometimes just blatant advertising of products. It was fairly easy to weed those out and just delete them. But now I’m getting dozens and dozens of email notifications daily from WordPress telling me that login attempts have been thwarted and locked out.

Anything you know that you would be willing to share, please put it in the comments section below so we can all benefit from it.

Thanks in advance; and as always, happy writing.


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2 thoughts on “Hackers: The Bane of The Internet

  1. Oh yes, definitely! WordPress is doing a great job – for which I’m very thankful – I’m just thinking that eventually the hacker’s software is going to produce an algorithm that can decipher the password. So even as secure as I THINK it is, it bothers me that the hacking attempts continue, STILL on a daily basis, numbering in the dozens, because it only takes that one time to hit the right combination. It’s frustrating, you know?

    Thanks for posting. Keep up the good writing!

    Words are important . . . choose wisely.

  2. Judy, forgive me for being counterintuitive, but is there anything to do? Isn’t this watching wordpress at work while doing its job? (is that tautology?) Anyway, just joining the conversation.

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