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Funny Video – So True

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I read a great book by Gretchen Rubin called, "The Happiness Project" and then embarked on preparations for my own "happiness project".  As part of the process I made a couple of lists, one of which contained habits I wanted to incorporate into my life in the coming year. One entry on the habits list reads as follows:  "Throw (or give) something away every day. Taking Continue reading the story "Funny Video – So True"

Remember Michael Finnegan?

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OK - I HAVE to know - how many of you had the song immediately pop into your head when you read the subject line of this post? Do you remember the song?  It has endless verses and you sing them over and over until you have to stop - either because you get tired of singing it, or because someone MAKES you stop! I've included the Continue reading the story "Remember Michael Finnegan?"


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Wow!  There have been 32 attempts to hack my website and this blog IN THE LAST 8 HOURS! Good job so far WordPress!   Keep it up!  🙂  

Beta Testers Wanted

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I'm working on making some of my music available here on my website and I need a little help testing out my shopping cart. So if you're willing to help me out - please COMMENT ON THIS POST or send me an email and I will send you a discount code for 90% off.  This means it will cost you a whole dime to download the Continue reading the story "Beta Testers Wanted"

What a crack up! Hillarious!!!

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Culling The List

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I want to let everyone know that I will soon be doing a personal examination of my blog's subscriber list to "weed out" possible sycophants who might possibly be connected to the hacking attempts which have plagued this website for the last few weeks.  So in the interest of cleaning up the list I will be "sanitizing" it very soon - probably over the weekend. As Continue reading the story "Culling The List"



I never understood why people find it entertaining to watch a scary movie. I do not like to be scared. I do not find it entertaining. I do not enjoy it AT ALL - and even though the "background" music usually gives it away beforehand so I can brace myself, sometimes it catches me off guard when the sudden screeching of dissonant chords loudly invades Continue reading the story "I DO NOT LIKE SCARY MOVIES"