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On Writing#1 June 26, 2012

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"For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that he has come upon the right word." - Bowen

Judy Cook Becomes Sioux Falls “American Food Examiner”

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I was named the Sioux Falls American Food Examiner for over a year ago; but because I had a job opportunity in Italy I chose not to do the column then. Because of the economic and political situation in Europe at that time, which still continues today, the job was put on hold.  I have now decided to recommence with the column, effective immediately, and Continue reading the story "Judy Cook Becomes Sioux Falls “American Food Examiner”"



FINALLY! - I finally have an article published in MY OWN NAME - lol.  Read it at this link:  Link to Judy's article. I was told by the publisher that if you click on my name at the top of the page beside the date of publication, it will take you to all the articles written Continue reading the story "FINALLY!"

On Memorial Day

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This message was received from a U.S. Army Veteran on Memorial Day.  It holds the very essence of a patriot's heart.  Its message is pungent and pure, clear and concise, and very much appreciated.  It is a quote every American should read. "For most, this is just a day off work; a day for BBQs, the pool, and getting together with friends and family. But Continue reading the story "On Memorial Day"

Happy Mother’s Day

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I just LOVE Google's Daily Doodles.

It always interests me to see what they will come up with each day.  I have learned a lot of interesting things about different people or holidays by clicking on the doodle and going to the explanation page. Today the doodle was animated.  It was such a delight I had to refresh the page to watch it again a couple of Continue reading the story "Happy Mother’s Day"

Judy’s Blog

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I should probably try to blog more often but sometimes my rambling thoughts just get put into a story instead and never make it to the blog - so I often just post some of my favorite quotes - usually about writing, sometimes not, or sometimes a favorite photo or video.  I hope you enjoy them.  Leave a comment if you come across one you Continue reading the story "Judy’s Blog"